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Intelligent, Resilient Business Communications.

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UC Connect is Broadsoft’s suite of unified communications services. All the ways your team communicates and collaborates, together in one seamless, rich, and intuitive productivity tool.

Now, BroadSoft gives you three unique apps to leverage the power of UC Connect and enrich how you communicate with the people important to your business. These apps are tailored to the specific way your team prefers to work.

Are you in the office or on the go? Do you default to chat? Do you pull everyone together to collaborate on a project? Would you rather just talk? Or do you need all the tools in the belt all the time?

Whatever your experience, we have the app for it.

Are you a sometimes-mobile office worker?

UC Connect Communicator — Comprehensive, full-suite UC

UC Connect Communicator is BroadSoft’s comprehensive, full-suite UC application, available as a desktop client, and mobile and tablet apps for when you’re away — and with the same intuitive look and feel for each. Ideal for the power user, it delivers all the features and functionality you need and integrates with the most common calendar and email clients.

Features Include:

  • HD voice and video
  • Presence (visual indication of your teammate’s availability)
  • Chat (instant messaging)
  • Screen and file sharing
  • Unified messaging (recover voice, video, and fax messages from email)
  • My Room” multi-party collaborating, with all the above
  • Dual personas for business and personal calls

Not always at your desk? As with all UC Connect apps, Communicator enables true Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) so you can start a UC session at your desk, move seamlessly to your mobile device to continue in transit, and wrap it up at home or your favorite hotspot — without ever dropping the call.

Looking for real-time collaboration that’s fast and easy? UC Connect Communicator supports MyRoom, a virtual meeting space delivering HD audio and video conferencing, chat, and screen sharing. Easy to initiate and join with just a click, for both internal and external parties.

To help in the never-ending battle for boundaries in your personal and professional lives, Communicator lets you project separate personas for incoming and outgoing calls — from the same device. So friends and family see one name and number while business associates see another.

UC Connect Communicator also can be customized for different user experiences, depending on user needs. So capabilities such as click-to-call, soft-phone, team collaboration, and exec-admin can be front and center to maximize your specific experience requirements.

And, in addition to operating on iOs, OS-X, Windows, and Android, Communicator also opens you to the world of Google Chrome’s WebRTC for powerful, flexible, and simple browser- based communications.

Are you a mobile-first worker, who happens to be addicted to chat?

UC Connect Connect — Mobile First UC chat, voice calling, and presence.

For the on-the-go mobile worker who needs to find and connect with others quickly. Whether going through security, sitting in a cab, or stuck in a noisy lobby, texting with your team can be more productive and efficient than talking. And UC Connect Connect is optimized with push notification, ensuring you don’t miss alerts and messages.

Want to reduce high data roaming charges — especially when traveling overseas? Messaging over Wi-fi leverages local hotspots instead of cellular networks. And when things get too fluid or complex for thumb-typing, UC Connect Connect supports a native-dialer experience to escalate to voice call with a click. It also shares presence, and retains your contacts and favorites found in the full-featured Communicator app, so you can easily switch between apps.

Like all our Mobile-First apps, Connect also provides dual personas to project separate identities for personal and business calls. And it’s specifically designed to be easy on your battery.

For iOS and Android smart phone mobile operating systems.



For the mobile exec, or anyone with too many meetings on your calendar!

UC Connect Meet — Mobile First conferencing, voice, and presence.

For the mobile teammate who depends on live collaboration wherever they are. UC Connect Meet is a highly-focused mobile app that leverages Communicator’s popular My Room conference experience and chat in a straight-forward design for a simplified user experience while on the go.

For one-to-one conversations, Meet pairs with your mobile device’s dialer for voice calling. Of course, it shares presence, contacts, and favorites. And everything can go over Wi-Fi when available, to reduce higher cellular roaming costs.

Like our other Mobile First apps, UC Connect Meet is designed to project separate personas for personal and business calls using the same device, and to be battery-conscious.

For iOS and Android smart phone mobile operating systems.


It’s a mobile first world, and workers of all types — not just road warriors and executives — rely on mobile unified communications (UC) to increase productivity and efficiency. The ability to let employees connect and collaborate from wherever they are, with whatever device they have at hand, has gone from an option to necessity for organizations that want to remain competitive.

BroadSoft UC Connect enables communication service providers to deliver cloud-based mobile UCC solutions that provide reliability, flexibility, affordability, security, and the ease of deployment that today’s business is looking for.

Yeah. We can talk. But only if you want to.

UC Connect desktop and Mobile First productivity

BroadSoft UC-Connect User Experience Apps — Comparison Chart

OS IP voice Video IM and
Communicator Desktop Windows,
OS X, Chrome
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Communicator Mobile iOS, Android Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
No Yes
Communicator Tablet iOS, Android Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Communicator Guest * IE, Safari,
Yes** Yes** IM Only Yes
(only My Room)
No Yes
Yes No
Mobile Link iOS, Android No Yes Yes No No No No Yes
Connect iOS, Android No Yes Yes No No Yes