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SIP Trunks

Not all SIP providers are the same


SCDS SIP trunking is built on the TATA Communications global SIP network providing the highest quality of voice across a tier 1 carrier at very competitive rates. SCDS owns and controls its own resilient high grade network in the UK.

What SIP focuses on is a signalling and call set-up protocol for IP-based communications and SIP has been designed to allow functions and features to be built in via Proxy Servers and User Agents. Whilst the terminology and implementation of the SIP world is different to the way traditional calls are set up, the end results for the user are very similar.

SIP allows for much more cost-effective voice communication solutions as well as providing additional features that ISDN and analogue lines cannot deliver.  While a SIP trunk is an alternative to an ISDN channel, as a tIPicall customer, you will have the flexibility to combine the number of SIP trunks and telephone numbers/DDI ranges you need.


Session Initiation Protocol – or SIP – is the latest technology in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which savvy companies deploy in order to keep their telecom costs low.

Telephone calls have traditionally been made on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), an infrastructure made up of copper wires and dated switching equipment.

SIP provides access to and from the PSTN over the Internet Protocol (IP), an alternative method of routing your calls which allows greater flexibility of service and lowers call costs by replacing the traditional fixed lines with PSTN connectivity via a SIP trunking service provider.


SCDS’s Private SIP is a market leading SIP service where SCDS provide you dedicated data connections for your clients regardless of their size. These connections create a private link to our network for voice. Private SIP has QoS and voice guarantees built in.

We have built our SIP network with the following feature sets in mind

  • Flexibility
  • Control
  • Fraud protection
  • Call recording
  • Disaster recovery
  • Any number presentation (UK and international)
  • International reach

Our ability to provide SIP globally is one of our key advantages and many of our partners provide SIP services through our network for their international clients. We are constantly developing our SIP feature set and we work with our partners constantly to develop new ideas and benefits for SIP.

Using the Internet means that savings can be passed onto SCDS customers, as we have no other phone networks to pay and line rentals for SIP trunks are significantly cheaper than standard analogue or ISDN connections.

SIP trunking also allows the distinct advantage of enabling a business to move geographic area but take their existing telephone numbers with them.

SCDS provide a cost-effective, quality telephone service via SIP trunking through a Public Branch Exchange (PBX) to your offices or individual handsets.