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Hosted PBX

The last phone system your clients will ever need

The market is changing

Traditional onsite telephony was a mature market. There are at least twenty reputable manufacturers and a Reseller could do well by focussing on one or two core products, mastering those, getting great prices and be able to outsell another company’s representative selling another manufacturers product through their product knowledge and commercial acumen. Hosted Telephony is different, we don’t have dozens of different manufacturers in the UK, in fact over 50% of resellers are now selling a Broadsoft based product. Maybe through a different front end provider, but ultimately still the same engine under the bonnet. This leads to a challenge in the telecoms industry. We all know that hosted telephony is continuing to increase and should become the defacto service for SMEs and multi-site organisations, but if everyone is selling the same product, where do the differentiators lie for the reseller? Will it become who will sell it for the least and is prepared to cut their margin the most? Truly Resilient

  • Spread across two data centres
  • Four Incoming Data Carriers
  • Four Incoming/Outgoing Voice Carriers
  • LAN & WAN Links between locations
  • Internet failover on all private links
  • Full Active/Active Infrastructure
  • 34 Servers (and counting)
  • 28,000 simultaneous calls

Distribution We partner with Provu to enable our partners to take advantage of our next-day preconfigured service. Handsets can be sent directly to client site next day complete with branded reseller manuals and with auto-redirection to SCDS self-install files. When the handsets are first plugged in they are redirected to SCDS’s servers where client-specific configuration files are pulled from to program the phone ready for use by the client automatically. No onsite engineers, no fuss.

At SCDS we do things differently. Our hosted telephony solution, OnePBX, is proprietary. We control the development, we drive margins for resellers, and we have looked at the market, seen what is wrong and decided to change it. Our ethos when building our system was to cover off the following areas where other providers and systems can lack:

  • Resilience
  • End User Control
  • Simplicity
  • Partner Margin
  • Seamless SIP Integration

Click on the buttons below to find out what we have done in these areas to make OnePBX the most attractive in the UK channel. Ultimate in End User Control

  • Client Controlled IVRs
  • Client Controlled Hunt Groups
  • Client Controlled Audio Files
  • Client Controlled Everything!
  • Reduced Reseller Involvement = More profit
  • Client Control = Happier End User

End Points

  • Handsets – Cisco / Yealink
  • Softphones
  • Mobile Apps
  • iPad
  • Door Entry
  • ATA
  • Conference Phones