Intelligent, Resilient Business Communications




Intelligent, Resilient Business Communications.

Connect with everyone


In today’s ever-changing work environment, it’s critical for organisations to provide users with the tools that connect them with customers, suppliers and colleagues, wherever and whenever they need to.

Direct Routing

At SCDS, we enable you to bring PTSN calling into your Microsoft Teams environment through Direct Routing as well as providing a suite of PBX features that are unavailable through Microsoft, unlocking the full potential of your Unified Communications.

SCDS provides these value-add PBX services, utilising the power of our Cloud Unified Communications platform to maximise full UC and PBX capability – ensuring effortless communication and collaboration between users.


Full communication mobility

Use Microsoft Teams clients for Desktop and Mobile and gain full communication mobility.

You can also take advantage of significantly cheaper call rates, additional flexibility and omprehensive 24 / 7 UK support. If your business is looking to expand and requires global reach, we can help.


SCDS Calling With Microsoft Teams includes:

  • Re-routing of phone numbers when Microsoft has an outage.
  • Seamless number porting from any provider.
  • Enterprise-level security and compliance.
  • Legacy PBX integration support.
  • Multiple Managed Service options.
  • 24 / 7 x 365 enhanced Microsoft support.

Unlock the true value of Microsoft Teams

Calling With Microsoft Teams is a premier cloud telephony service that gives everyone calling capabilities direct from their Microsoft Teams clients. In other words; Calling With Microsoft Teams makes Teams talk.

The combination of our Cloud Unified Communications platform and Teams brings all of your users into one collaboration platform with a seamless experience when talking, messaging, sharing and calling. SCDS host the entire environment in the cloud where management is easy and you can start your service without costly infrastructure and set-up changes.